Futuri Inks International Partnership With RCS


The AI-powered media industry software company founded by CEO Daniel Anstandig and one of the world’s largest media software brands have signed an agreement that gives it the go-ahead to market select Futuri products outside of the U.S.

As such, RCS has gained the ability to resell Futuri AudioAI (formerly branded as RadioGPT) and SpotOn, Futuri’s product designed to create spec spots, commercials, and promos via AI technology.

The partnership comes as Futuri in February 2023 launched Futuri AudioAI and in the following months entered into new agreements with partners including Germany’s Audiotainment Südwest and Maison FG in France.

“Futuri has driven the conversation about the adoption of AI in the broadcast industry, and the response we’ve had from companies worldwide that want strategic AI solutions has been vast,” said Anstandig, who said his company is “proud to partner with Philippe Generali and the fantastic team at RCS to help bring our solutions to the global markets that need them.”

Generali, who serves as President/CEO of iHeartMedia subsidiary RCS, commented, “Expanding upon our collaboration with Futuri, we leverage our respective strengths to propel new technology on a global scale. This partnership represents a noteworthy milestone in the evolution of audio creation and consumption. We are excited to reshape the media landscape, a tradition we have upheld for decades.”