FTC Settles With Marketer over Brain Claims


FTC / Federal Trade CommissionAccording to Focus Education, it Jungle Ranger game would do all sorts of amazing things for the children who played it. In fact, they said it was they had scientific proof to back up the claim. The FTC thought otherwise.

The claims were made on TV in a long-form commercial.

According to the FTC, “…the advertisements claimed that Jungle Rangers had ‘scientifically proven memory and attention brain training exercises, designed to improve focus, concentration and memory’ and touted the game as giving children ‘the ability to focus, complete school work, homework, and to stay on task.’ Focus Education’s website implied that these benefits would be permanent.”

The FTC charged that the game’s powers were misrepresented and that there was no evidence.

In addition to infomercials, FTC said the game was advertised in radio spots, social media, and the company’s websites.

Sales minus returns from 2012 through the end of May 2013 are said to have totaled $4.5M.

Under terms of the settlement, the company must stop making such claims. There is no mention of a monetary penalty or consumer redress.