FTC settles with malternative beverage marketer


FTC / Federal Trade Commission
Phusion Projects LLC will no longer be able to make certain claims about malt beverage Four Loko, a deal that will require two different types of changes to the product’s packaging.

For starters, it can no longer be claimed that one 23.5-ounce container of the beverage is the equivalent of “one or two regular 12-ounce beers,” and that consumption of an entire container in a single sitting is safe.

What matters, stated FTC, is the amount of pure alchohol in a drink, not its total size. US Dietary Guidelines state that one serving is 0.6 ounces.

Phusion has 90 days to provide accurate information on the labeling of its products.
Any container that contains more than two servings must have two items present on the packaging: reseal capability; and accurate disclosures and an “Alcohol Facts” panel.