Fox/Cablevision: Day 3 of standoff continues


Here it is: Tuesday, 10/19/10 and the battle continues: It is over retransmission fees which to a number of reports Cablevision is estimated to be paying $70 million a year for access to 12 Fox channels, including those in dispute.  Fox parent, News Corp., is rumored to want more than $150 million a year for that same programming.

And 3 million Cablevision homes are without Fox programming which includes the National League baseball championship series between the Giants and Phillies and NO NFL football and consumers, politicians are all getting into the act. 

Monday, 10/18/10, Charles Schueler, Cablevision’s executive vice president of communications, put out this release stating: “When broadcasters like News Corp. remove their signals, they hurt viewers in an attempt to gain business leverage.  Cablevision agrees to submit to binding arbitration, as called for by more than 50 elected officials from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut as the fastest and fairest way to return Fox programming to Cablevision viewers.  We call on News Corp. to do the same.”

The fight over retransmission is a continuing battle and a prime example of how networks are struggling for profit.  Advertising dollars in many respects are shrinking as money is redistributed to ‘New Media’ portals.

But the networks are seeing their programming cost escalate. Networks broadcast their signals free over the airwaves but with increased programming costs especially with live sporting events networks are pitted against cable TV and satellite operators for dollars for their programming and signals.

The networks are claiming the cable operators are charging hefty subscription fees every month.
Editors note: Just examine the number of broadcast packages offered by any cable/satellite company and if you are a customer you know those fees. And in many respects consumers in the current economy have cut back on their paid programming packages.

Now we have the first mega stand off between two giants and it is over money and once this is resolved wonder how much the consumer is going to pay.

Consumer note: If you check the web, News Corp. set up a website pointing Cablevision subscribers to find other ways to get Fox programming, helps consumers find providers by zip code. 

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