Dentist accuses San Diego host of taking ad money


10 News San Diego reports a local radio talker has been accused of taking money from local businesses. Dentist Dr. Rod Strober wanted to expand his business with radio advertising. But he said trust quickly turned to betrayal when he met Richard Duncan. Strober said Duncan told him he had a show on KCEO-AM, and he offered the dentist a 30-second spot on his show.

“He’s a scumbag, he’s a sleazeball; he’s somebody that took our money. He robbed from Peter to pay Paul,” said Strober.

Strober said Duncan even wrote up a contract and taped the dentist’s interview.
Strober paid $1,500 for the ad, but it never aired. He asked for his money back but never received it.

Duncan left this voice-mail message for Strober: “I’m going to be back on Wednesday. I’ll bring you a cashier’s check so hopefully that works out everything all right.”

As with Duncan’s other alleged promises, it also went unfulfilled.

10News contacted the Aston Broadcasting Group which owns KCEO, and they told 10News Duncan never worked for it and that he was an independent contractor. The company also said Duncan’s last show was on Jan. 24.

Duncan allegedly approached Strober Dental for advertising two weeks later.

Strober said he thinks other people have also been victimized.