Denny’s launches new multimedia effort


Denny’s is reinforcing its “real” breakfast dominance by challenging fast food (quick service) restaurants for the first time. Denny’s is out to bust so-called “fake” breakfast.

Denny’s AOR Publicis Mid America in Dallas developed the integrated campaign entitled “Don’t Fall for Fake.” From national broadcast, diverse digital, PR, in-store merchandise, and guerrilla marketing efforts, the scrappy campaign targets men and women 25-40 and reinforces the overwhelming appeal of real, as consumers are faced with real versus fake.

Components include two new TV spots Tony Sirico, formerly of “The Sopranos.” In “Phony Money” (:30 & :15) Tony tosses down fake money at a fast food joint to pay for breakfast — his rationale: fake money for a fake breakfast. In “Line Up” (:30) Tony and an upset man are featured behind a two-way mirror, along with a police officer, and they’re viewing a lineup of fast food workers in various crazy themed costumes. The man picks out the offender that sold him a fake breakfast.

The national broadcast buy via Optimedia catches consumers during “American Idol” and “Grey’s Anatomy” and spans primetime/premium syndication, early morning, late night/overnight, general syndication, African American syndication, late night cable and general cable.

Denny’s is also introducing a new Spanish-language TV campaign titled De verdad verdad (Really Real) via :30 and :15 television spots.

Real versus fake also employs a digital strategy developed by Optimedia. The engaging campaign ranges from humorous banner ads, mobile alerts, offer-based online games, video ads, to paid searches and music polling/custom playlists such as your top fave breakfast songs.