Courtside taps Bob Moore as President


Moore, who ran CBS’s Radio’s LA cluster and up until last October, ran the Citadel (now Cumulus) stations in LA, will be joining Courtside as its President of Norm Pattiz’s Courtside Entertainment Group. 

Pattiz tells RBR-TVBR: “I love the radio business, it has been very good to me. I want to stay involved. But I’m doing a number of things on the outside that are very time-consuming. I’m the Chairman of the National Laboratories at Los Alamos, NM and Lawrence Livermore Labs in CA. I’m a regent at the University of California I don’t want to give those up, and they’re very time-consuming. So that’s why I brought in Bob Moore—I want him to work with me and run the company. I’ll be seeing him three days a week and we’ll be talking every day.”

Current Courtside offerings include Loveline with Dr. Drew, Mike and Simone, The One Minute Clinic with Dr. Drew, Bill O’Reilly specials, the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary special to name a few.

 “I am extremely excited to be working with Norm Pattiz again.  Norm has been a mentor of mine for many years. We go back to the days of Pirate Radio [100.3 FM LA in the 90’s].  Working together at Courtside is a great opportunity to use my broadcast experience at stations and working with advertisers in a way that I find extremely appealing.  This company is called Courtside for a reason, so don’t be surprised to see me at a few more Laker games,” says Moore. 

Added Managing Partner Norm Pattiz: “Bob Moore is a one of a kind guy.  I’ve known him since the 70’s when he followed me as the sales manager of KCOP TV in Los Angeles. I hired him at Westwood One because I thought anybody who could sell KCOP in the 70s could sell anything.  He ran my station group in the 90’s when we launched Pirate Radio in Los Angeles and bought WNEW and WYNY-FM in New York. I have no doubt that Bob will make a huge contribution to Courtside, the radio business and platforms yet to be discovered. They are all going to need programming.  Bob will be joining Katie Walsh and myself as our executive team.”