Coldwater Creek launches first national TV effort (video)


Today’s mature woman stars in a series of new television spots from Idaho-based Coldwater Creek, marking the retailer’s first venture into TV advertising on a national level. Seven new commercials target the 45+-year-old shopper with a smart, playful and confident message that captures the essence of the brand’s shopper.

The campaign, “Still Got It,” is via DeVito/Verdi NY (named Coldwater Creek’s first AOR earlier this year), began after Labor Day and will run throughout the holiday season.

The first commercial, “Ready,” shows a woman deliberating over which dress to wear while her date for the evening waits somewhat patiently downstairs. As she re-thinks her choice and opts for another dress, new earrings and a scarf, the voiceover asks: “Did they ask Michelangelo what was taking so long with the ceiling? Did an impatient publisher tell Tolstoy that the War part was so good, he didn’t need the Peace? Did someone tell Beethoven, ‘It’s just a symphony, you should have been finished weeks ago’? So just tell him you’ll be ready when you’re ready.”

Another spot, “Reunion,” includes a woman returning to her high school reunion where she receives an array of compliments and an uncomfortably long hug from an old classmate who is actually trying to read the Coldwater Creek label on her well-dressed friend’s cocktail dress. Another commercial looks at a girls’ night out and the subtext of sartorial competition even among life-long friends.

A fourth follows a confident and stylish woman who would “never just throw something on,” no matter how casual the activity. And another spot shows a woman shopping with the assistance of a department store saleswoman. When asked where she bought her attractive jacket, the saleswoman looks around the store to make sure no one is listening, and leans in to whisper where, as the super appears with the answer: “Coldwater Creek.”

The effort aims to get Coldwater Creek’s revenues back on track. Per its most recent earnings release, it will be closing 35-45 of its 366 stores. Sales fell from $253.5 million to $181.4 million in its Q2, and it posted a net loss of $27.7 million, compared with net income of $1.5 million in the same period a year ago.