CMG Brings ‘Broadcast Attribution’ To Cox Analytics Services


Cox Media Group has unveiled a partnership with a marketing attribution company and is now using its “broadcast attribution” software within its Cox Analytics services.

What does this do? Cox says the attribution capabilities built into Cox Analytics quantify increases in web traffic due to radio advertising across CMG’s network and highlights how advertisers can use their ad dollars more efficiently.

Cox’s partnership is with LeadsRx; the LeadsRx Broadcast Attribution software has been woven in to the Cox Analytics service.

“The LeadsRx attribution capabilities within Cox Analytics help advertisers see and understand how consumer actions are influenced by broadcast advertising across a variety of dimensions, including daypart, day of the week, station, ad creative and more,” Cox said in a Tuesday morning announcement. “Attribution is effective since advertisers can hone ad creative and spending to attract consumers – and consumers are more responsive since they are exposed to fewer and more relevant ads. Furthermore, attribution provides broadcast advertisers analytic evidence similar to what is already available for digital advertising, leveling the playing field for apples-to-apples comparisons.”

Katie Read, Executive Director of Revenue for Radio at CMG, commented, “When an advertiser chooses Cox Media Group, we are confident they are getting the best allocation of their ad spend resulting in higher consumer response to broadcast advertising. The Cox Analytics service, built on LeadsRx attribution capabilities, ensures optimized exposure to the right audiences and makes the best use of advertiser budget.”

Roadmap to Success

Prior to attribution and Cox Analytics, the company adds, “advertisers struggled to understand the true impact of radio advertising and often sought analytic evidence of advertising effectiveness as is commonplace in the world of digital advertising. Budget allocation was based solely on the expected results as derived from audience reach and listener demographics.”

Now, with Cox Analytics and its LeadsRx-powered marketing attribution capabilities, Cox Media Group advertising clients can see “quantitative results just like they do for digital advertising, and this allows more informed, confident decisions about budget allocation optimization. As a result, advertisers have clarity, transparency, and insight into audiences; and consumers hear more compelling ads that are relevant to their needs.”

LeadsRx offers a cross-channel marketing attribution SaaS platform that has been used by more than 20,000 businesses around the world. The company’s attribution software provides marketers a view of campaign performance across advertising mediums throughout the entire customer journey.