Clear Channel again blasted by NHMC in Los Angeles


Clear Channel’s KTLK-AM Los Angeles announced the launch Monday (1/16) of The David Cruz Show. But that isn’t placating the National Hispanic Media Coalition, which is continuing to demand the cancellation of “The John and Ken Show” on another Clear Channel station, KFI-AM.

The new program hosted by veteran journalist David Cruz (pictured) will air 3-6 pm PT on KTLK, directly opposite John and Ken, airing 3-7 pm on KFI.

“This is a fresh new look at Southern California through the eyes of a well-known, veteran network television and radio journalist very familiar with the Latino community in the nation’s second-largest market,” said Greg Ashlock, President of Clear Channel Radio Los Angeles.

“We are delighted that Clear Channel is launching a new show – the David Cruz Show – that reflects its commitment to Los Angeles’ large, diverse and growing Latino community. This is precisely what broadcasters should be doing to meet the needs of the communities they serve,” said Ruben Jauregui, President and CEO of the Latino Institute for Corporate Inclusion (LICI). 

But the NHMC isn’t joining in the celebration.

“NHMC is pleased to hear that a Latino has a new radio show in the Los Angeles market, but this by no means ends the campaign against John and Ken,” stated Alex Nogales, NHMC President & CEO.

The same day that Clear Channel made its announcement, NHMC released its new report “American Hate Radio” naming KFI, the station that broadcasts “The John and Ken Show”, “The Rush Limbaugh Show”, and “The Bill Handel Show” as, according to NHMC, ”a hotspot for hate speech.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Despite the name, “American Hate Radio” appears to be about a single station, KFI. Whether the LA station is unique, as NHMC seems to believe, is questionable. What cannot be questioned, though, is that the First Amendment applies in LA as in the rest of the country. So while NHMC is free to object and to boycott advertisers, KFI is also free to continue to broadcast as its management sees fit.