Citadel Media signs with SustainLane Media


SustainLane Media, the Web’s largest green media company, and Citadel Media have inked a multifaceted partnership.  Bridging both editorial and advertising, the deal ultimately creates the first and only multi-media, fully-integrated platform designed to inform, educate and empower Americans to live a more sustainable lifestyle: SustainAmerica ( 

SustainAmerica is now be the premier online community for Americans seeking to actively improve our environment, providing them the information and tools they need.  SustainAmerica will leverage SustainLane Media’s technology platform to create a home for extensive expert and user-generated content such as news, blogs, product reviews and how-tos on living green.

Citadel Media will bring marketing muscle, including celebrity talent, to help encourage good eco-behavior among its broad audiences. Toolkits for local action, blogs and audio tips from celebrities and local hero stories will be made available to the SustainAmerica community.  The venture will blend on-air radio content (such as PSAs, sponsor vignettes, radio show features and radio personality endorsements) with web marketing and online/offline tie-ins to deliver great value to advertisers. The SustainAmerica partnership leverages each organization’s assets to complement and expand their existing advertising capabilities. 

Through the partnership, Citadel Media will have access to targeted online advertising space across SustainLane Media’s Green Ad Network, the largest online network consisting of 150+ premium Web properties with 31 million unique monthly visitors and growing. 

Citadel Media will now have access to a high-impression Network for its clients seeking cross-platform opportunities targeted to green-minded consumers.  In turn, SustainLane Media can tap Citadel Media’s comprehensive and established sales team to further provide integrated sales opportunities for its clients’ rapidly expanding access to the online green marketplace.

As SustainAmerica rolls out, Citadel Media and SustainLane Media plan to produce high-visibility, high-engagement experiences designed to showcase sponsors’ brands with celebrities, the media and target consumers in an eco-friendly environment that will elevate sustainability in America.