CBS rebranding CBS College Sports Network


It is graduation time. CBS College Sports Network will finish school in April and be rebranded CBS Sports network.

“The rebranding of CBS College Sports Network to CBS Sports Network is an important step in the evolution of CBS Sports, allowing us to create more programming opportunities and expand our viewer base. We are excited about extending the CBS Sports brand as we position CBS Sports Network as a destination for all sports fans,” said a statement from CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus.

Even with the name change the cable channel will continue to focus on college sports. But going forward it will be able to expand its sports offerings.

As CBS Sports Network, the channel will more closely align with and expand CBS’ portfolio of sports assets including CBS Sports, Showtime Sports, and

“The new name, CBS Sports Network, better capitalizes on the strength of the powerful CBS Sports brand and its marquee assets. It also paves the way for aggressive broadening of multimedia content, and enhances the Network’s position as a leading sports provider,” said David Berson, Vice President of CBS Sports and President of CBS Sports Network.