CBC looking to make radio not-so-noncommercial


Canada FlagThe non-profit Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is dealing with big funding cuts courtesy of the Canadian government, and is looking for ways to make ends meet. One path will involve laying off about 9% of its workforce over the next three years. Another is seeking permission to sell advertising on some of its radio stations.

According to an article in The Victoria Times Colonist, the belt-tightening measures would affect both the television and radio sides of the service, but only the radio side is being seen as an advertising venue.

On the television side, CBC says one act will be to shut down analog broadcasts once and for all.
Staff cuts are expected to hit 650 in all – CBC says it will try to tread as lightly as possible when it comes to its news-related operations.

On the radio side, its non-profit news and information stations are not being considered for advertising. However, ads on both English- and French-language music stations are said to be under consideration.

Citizens are said to be concerned since in many of Canada’s more sparsely populated areas, CBC stations are the sum and total of broadcast options for local citizens.