Cathy Carnegie 1952-2012


Cathy CarnegieCathy Steffy Seeman, known throughout the broadcasting business as Cathy Carnegie, passed from this life on Thursday, January 19th in the arms of her loving husband, RBR-TVBR Publisher Jim Carnegie, while in hospice care in the Tampa area. She had suffered a brain aneurism at home on Saturday, January 14th. Her life was cut too short at age 59.

Born October 3, 1952 in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, Cathy’s first career was in nursing at Hershey Medical Center and then in Tucson. But her dream had always been to fly, so she joined American Airlines as a flight attendant.

You could say that broadcasting introduced her to Robert Seeman, aka Jim Carnegie. They met when she took his ticket in Dallas as Jim boarded her flight to Las Vegas, where he would attend the NAB Show in 1984. Less than five months later, on September 8, 1984, they were married.

Cathy adopted Jim’s “radio” name and became Cathy Carnegie to everyone in broadcasting. She joined Radio Business Report as Vice President and took an active role in building the still-young publication. She continued to be the heart and soul of RBR, and later TVBR as well, right up until her untimely death.

The many RBR-TVBR readers who knew her will recall Cathy as a woman who would light up the darkest room with her glowing, vibrant personality. Her devotion to Jim and her care and concern for mankind and all of God’s creatures made her a very special person. All of us at RBR-TVBR will miss her terribly and no doubt her many friends in broadcasting feel the same way.

In addition to her husband, Cathy is survived by her parents, Harry and Kathryn Steffy of Ephrata, PA; her sister, Carol Henly of Conyers, GA; and her niece, Cheri Isenhour.

Memorial services will be scheduled later in Florida and Pennsylvania.

Memorials to Cathy Seeman (Carnegie)
RBR-TVBR Publisher Jim Carnegie wishes to thank those who have made memorial contributions in memory of Cathy Carnegie.

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Cathy and Jim CarnegieMany have heard my blushing bride of 27 years, Miss Cathy, as I held her close, passed away in my arms on Thursday, Jan. 19th at 1:47pm ET.

Now is the time for all who know Miss Cathy to Remember and Embrace her soul as she is a part of everyone.

Miss Cathy ‘TEEHEE’ is ‘The Love of My Life’ and I have been the Luckiest man to have experienced the joy, happiness, and smile she brought into it.

For our 27 years Cathy improved me as a person and together I can truly tell all – being with her every day by sharing excitement, love and laughter – It was one Hell of Ride Through Life!

I Love You Honey.

Jim Carnegie

PS: Many close friends have requested I post this short music because every Saturday evening Cathy and I had dinner and dancing. The dance floor just cleared for some reason when this song came on as it was always our first dance. As a very dear friend reminded me that people just enjoyed seeing two people – Miss Cathy and Jimbo – in love.



RBR-TVBR Staff remembers Miss Cathy

Cathy had been a part of the life of each staff member of RBR-TVBR for many years. Each one has recalled that relationship in a brief comment. Her many friends are invited to post their own memories of Cathy Carnegie in the comment section below. Also, feel free to post on her Facebook page (Jim will accept new friends to her account) and read the remembrances there.

Cathy, I miss you so much. When I came to RBR in 1992 I was hired to execute a new off-budget business venture – in other words, the ground I was on was less than solid. But you made me feel like a family member from the first day, and that is still how I feel almost 20 years later. I particularly remember after we got our first directory published and I finally felt confident enough to ask Amy to marry me. I bought a ring during my lunch hour, and showed it to my RBR family, all while suffering a massive case of the confirmed-bachelor shakes. You did not allow me to do any more work, and made it your sole task to bring my nerves back down to earth. I will never forget how you helped launch a very successful marriage and the lives of two beautiful children. I know there are countless other wonderful events you contributed to over the years, both at RBR and wherever else you’ve had a presence. I haven’t lost a co-worker, I’ve lost a big sister. You’ll be in my heart forever. Peace…
– Dave Seyler


I’m an impatient person, but whenever Cathy would answer the phone she would slow me down and we would talk about my dogs, her cat or something else going on in our lives. Thank you, Cathy, for always putting a positive spin on life. Certainly one downside of moving to a virtual office a few years back was talking face-to-face with Cathy so seldom. On those rare occasions in recent years when we were at the same place – usually a Radio Show – I got to experience again how her bubbly personality lit up the room. I’ve been a writer for 40 years, but there just aren’t words adequate for this. Cathy was a part of my life for over 16 years and I am better for it. My grief can’t begin to compare to what Jim is going through, but I will never forget her.
– Jack Messmer


Cathy was so much more than a boss to me. She was like a second mom. She was my friend. She laughed with me during the best of times and shared my tears during the worst of times. She inspired me to be a better person. I’ve never met a more beautiful person; both inside and out.  Cathy, I love you and will miss you immensely. Thank you for all you did and all you were.
All my love,
– April McLynn


Over the years – in the office or over the phone – it was always a pleasure talking with Cathy on whatever was on my plate – the kids, the business, the weather, whatever. If she was ever in a bad mood, no one would have ever guessed. She was a “day-brightener,” for lack of a better description.

Cathy obviously enjoyed life and lived it to the fullest: from bringing smiles to the faces of many in the radio biz at NAB shows, to taking down tennis players who may have thought a petite lady like herself would be an easy match.

She was the heart and soul of RBR-TVBR’s customer service – always there to help guide our readers through some of the technical improvements we’ve made over the years and to quickly follow up on any questions, compliments and complaints with her one-of-a kind charming personality.

Cathy, you are certainly missed – your kindness, compassion, sense of humor and optimism made a strong impression in the lives of all you touched and you’ll never be forgotten.
– Carl Marcucci


My heart is truly broken that I have lost a friend and colleague so full of love, life and encouragement. Cath was one of the brightest spots in my day for over ten years and met me with a warm and loving smile every single time I saw her or spoke to her.  I’ll never forget the endless discussions on who should win the US Open, Australian Open…She was a Rafa fan and I a Federer one!  Cathy would listen to all those things going on in my life I couldn’t tell my mom after she passed and made me feel better and not so alone.  I can certainly understand why God would call such a beautiful person, both inside and out, home but I will surely miss the blessings she brought to my life…and every other person that she touched along the way.  I’m sorry we never got to play tennis together but I’m looking forward to playing her in heaven someday!

I cannot express my degree of sadness to our Jimbo.  It was obvious she adored him and the love and devotion they had was more than evident every time you saw them together.  Their love IS truly something rare and beautiful and an example to all of us.

So…goodbye, for now, my dear friend TeeHee. You will be always in my heart.
– June Barnes


Cathy, I will miss you answering the phone in that cheerful way you always do. I will miss the times I send you photos of my girls and you telling me how they’re growing up so fast. I will miss your holiday emails with your clipart and well wishes. I will miss how compassionate you were to the needs of others. I will miss your peppiness, enthusiasm and positive outlook on life. I will miss your laughter when we talked. I will miss everything about you. You were the Mother Hen of this crazy coop we call RBR. I don’t know how we’ll ever fly straight without you. You will be deeply missed.

“Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.”

– Mike Whalen Jr.


Having worked closely with both Jim and Cathy, I have more than just a business relationship with both. They are my friends and my extended family, so losing Cathy has more bearing for me because she was not just someone I worked with, but also some I shared my personal life with.

Cathy always had a way of making me feel better no matter the situation, and the way she cared about me as a person meant more to me than I could have ever expressed in words.

The RBR family lost more than a friend with Cathy’s passing; we lost a big part our soul.

To say she will be missed does not come close to expressing how much she meant to me, and to say I am a better person for knowing her, also does no justice to her impact on my life.

I will treasure the experience of knowing Cathy, and her passing will never be forgotten.

– Steve Kyler


Cathy and Jim Carnegie