Catholic bishops tap radio to talk marriage with US Hispanics


A serious and sustained radio campaign featuring three waves of commercials and nine distinct 30-second radio spots is coming to Spanish-language radio from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). The goal is to promote the value of marriage.

The three three-spot-per-wave campaigns will promote marriage and address the difficulties of sustaining a successful marriage and healthy family life these days. The tripled spots will allow USCCB to target the message to different age groups and demographics.

“Most Latinos believe in the institution of marriage” said Alejandro Aguilera-Titus, director for Hispanic Affairs at the Secretariat of Cultural Diversity in the Church and coordinator the activity. “Our main communications’ objective with the campaign is to revalidate the significance of marriage as the foundation for a stronger, more stable family.”

Hispanics are actually way ahead of the US population as a whole when it comes to marriage, according to the latest Census. 66% of Hispanic households were headed by a married couple, compared to only 49.7% of the general population. But USCCB notes that both numbers are down from the 1950 rate of 78%.

USCCB, which is kicking off the campaign this month, is hoping to drive web traffic in addition to getting its message across. “We hope the radio spots also will motivate listeners to visit, where they’ll find valuable, insightful and practical information for anyone seeking to strengthen their marital and family unions,” Aguilera said.