Broadcaster DIY buy will double up AMs in CA


CRC Media West already has a pending deal for one AM station in the Palm Springs CA market, and now it’s filed to acquire another AM. The second AM will require more work than the first, however, since it still needs to be built.

The CP is for KPSF-AM, an AM originally destined for Desert Hot Springs CA, where it was going to operate on 1220 kHz with 1.4 kW-D, 1.2 kW-N DA2. However, the deal struck by CRC is contingent upon FCC approval of a CP application that will move it down to 1200 kHz with 5 kW-D, 1.3 kW-N, DA2 and a different city of license, Cathedral City CA.

The seller is Ether Mining Corporation, headed by Mark A. Mueller. The price is $75K.

The buyer is headed by Roy Cohen, and has requested an 18 month extension to construct the station.

CRC has a pending deal to acquire 1010 kHz KXPS Thousand Palms CA from MCC Radio LLC, which is a license holding company associated with Communications Corporation. The value of that deal, filed with the FCC 5/16/11, is $250K.