Bravo launches TVBigShot online game


Bravo's has introduced, an online season-long game that allows users to play 'network executive' by creating their own fantasy network lineups and awarding the individual with the most points a 100,000 grand prize.  TVBigshot – born out of Bravo Digital's successful Fall Season DeathWatch, which also returns this year – will launch this September in conjunction with the new fall television season.  The game will allow players to create, name and program their own fantasy television networks using both new fall shows and returning series from the five broadcast networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and CW).  Anyone can play and it's free. 

Starting with a budget of 300 million virtual dollars, each player must purchase shows for their daily primetime lineup.  The user-created networks will earn points based on the success of their chosen rosters and will compete against each other for the top spot.  At the end of the 2007-08 season, the player whose network has accumulated the most points – based on actual ratings for the programs, ratings growth, and "buzz" measured by press coverage and awards garnered – will win the 100,000 grand prize. 

TVBigshot will offer special monthly showdowns throughout the television season for secondary prizes, allowing new players to join in the competition at any time. became Bravo's other broadband properties include and the TRIO suite of channels:, and