Boston and books radio spots examined


Media Monitors took a look at book advertisements, the city of Boston and their use of spot radio. Last week in Boston, the #1 spot advertiser on the radio was COMCAST pushing their bundle of services running 842 spots. #2 was MATTRESS DISCOUNTERS with 521 spots, while FORD LINCOLN MERCURY was #3 airing 443 spots. Coming in #4 was the HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE with 439 units, while VERIZON was #5 airing 414 announcements. HONDA was #6 with 370 units, while IRA TOYOTA jumped from #45 the previous week, to #7 with 370 spots. TOYOTA, with their national campaign in Boston, jumped from 16th to 8th with 352 spots. The Commerce Bank & Trust Company’s service called 1-800 EAST WEST MORTAGE was in at #9 with 344 units and HOME DEPOT was #10 airing 289 spots. You’ve heard of the New York Times Best Seller list, well now you get to see the National BOOK SPOT TEN from Media Monitors. These are the books that were advertised on the radio in America last week. PREACHER PRESIDENTS by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy was #1 with 349 spots. Coming in #2 was RAISING THE RUINS by Stephen Flurry running 260 spots. SWEET REVENGE by Diane Mott was #3 running 131 spots. NATURAL CURES by Kevin Trudeau was #4 airing 70 units. Next was RICHISTAN by Robert Frank with 62 units. WALL STREET JOURNAL by Glenn Ruffenach and Kelly Greene was #6 with 44 spots. Coming in #7 was 50 GREAT DIGITAL VIDEOS by Kim Komando with 41 spots, while THE BAD BREATH BIBLE by Dr. Harold Katz was #8 running only 41 units. COMPLETE IDENTITY THEFT by Terri Cullen was #9 with 37 spots and OUR DAILY BREAD from the RBC Ministries was #10 with 34 units. On the NATIONAL SPOT TEN last week, we see the HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE with 26,929 spots was the top advertiser on the radio. #2 was GEICO airing 23,801 announcements. CHRYSLER-JEEP-DODGE was #3 running 21,828 spots. #4 was HOME DEPOT with 19,884 and #5 was WAL-MART with 19,656.