Backchannel shows off service offering


Backchannel Media CEO Michael Kokernak sent TVBR an example of WCVB-TV Boston’s clickable television over 30 minute period on Sunday while he was watching TV. “Below are bookmarks that I got this morning in my auto-email so you can get a sense of creative on WCVB,” said Kokernak.

See the PDF example, click here, which shows advertisers’ info that is called up online while viewers are viewing in real-time. Keep in mind that these are advertisers in a closed trial of the technology.  It works over the air with an over the air converter box in the home.  It will work on cable as well and Backchannel is in the middle of securing their first cable distribution agreement in another market besides Boston.  But as part of the closed test they enabled 100% of WCVB’s advertising–so these advertisers are part of the technical test, not the marketing roll out.

Kokernak also sent a clickable TV Portal demo account for readers to use at any time:
username is: [email protected] 
password is: backchannelmedia