Andy Parks returns to DC radio


Andy Parks, who had spent 25 years at Citadel Broadcasting’s WMAL-AM DC before leaving in 2010, is returning with a new program: Andy Parks…Live from The Washington Times, heard each weekday afternoon from 3 PM to 6 PM. 

Beginning Monday, 8/22, the new show will be broadcast live from a studio overlooking the newsroom of The Washington Times.  The program will be heard on Metro Radio Inc. stations 730 AM, WTNT and 1250 AM, WKDL. It will be streamed live on and

The show will also include Washington Times columnists Jeff Kuhner and Jennifer Harper, and feature conversation, news and opinions about major issues of the day and feature interviews with federal, state and local government leaders as well as Washington business decision makers.  It will provide updates and in-depth reports from Washington Times journalists and editors on breaking stories.  Callers from around the metropolitan region will play a key role in each day’s broadcast.

Parks will also present interviews with numerous national and global leaders who come to the Times for “Newsmaker” interviews.

The program will add an end-of-the day news and information format that compliments The Washington Times’ and Talk Radio Network Entertainment’s other radio program, America’s Morning News also heard on WTNT and 130+  affiliates.