And the hits just keep on comin’: June Nielsen Audio PPM results


Clark-SmidtThe numbers and trends are jumping out of the hopper during one of radio’s most important weeks to evaluate, plan and hit “refresh!”:

7. Washington D.C.  Hubbard’s on top in our nation’s capitol with legendary News WTOP/WTLP 8.0-8.1-8.2 share and #2 cume. American University’s Public News/Talk WAMU follows at 6.9-6.2 and ties CCU WIHT 6.6-6.2.  CHR WIHT has the #1 cume at 1.32 million.  CCU cluster mate A/C WASH is on a roll 5.0-5.6-5.8, then Howard University’s Urban A/C WHUR 5.6-5.5.  Observations:  DC features 5 News/Talk stations with shares from 8.2 down to 1.0.  4 university stations range from 6.2-3.2 and 4 sets of co-owned stations are back to back in the standings – CCU WIHT and WASH at 3rd & 4th, Radio One Gospel WPRS and Urban A/C WMMJ 6 & 7, CBS Hot A/C WIAD and RymCHR WPGC 7 & 8, and CCU Country WMZQ with Classic Rock WBIG 9 & 10.  CCU wins total shares 19.7, CBS 13.9, Radio One 12.0.

10.  Boston. “You’re My Home.”  A big KISS for CCU as the star CHR goes 7.2-7.6-7.9 and tops the cume chart at 1.37 million.  Greater Media’s Country WKLB advances 6.4-6.8-7.0, CBS follows in 3rd & 4th with News/Talk WBZ 5.5-5.9 and Classic Rock WZLX moving 4.8-5.1-5.8.  Greater Media also takes 5th with A/C WMJX which has the #2 cume but dipping 7.0-6.5-5.7.  Observations:  Greater Media’s Classic Hits WROR off 5.5-5.4-5.3 while CBS Hot A/C WBMX is rising 3.9-4.0-4.3.  Boston University’s PBS non-comm. News/Talk WBUR/WBAS has a 4.0 while WGBH/FM goes 2.8-2.3-2.4.  WGBH owned Classical WCRB is down to a 1.3.  Week before last, CCU flipped their Class A WEDN from Electric Dance to Country, “Bull.”  The second best AM signal in town, Entercom Sports WEEI (former 850 WHDH) .3 trails Emerson College WERS .9.  Total Market shares:  Greater Media 23.2, CBS 22.1, CCU 12.4.

11.  Detroit.   CBS  takes 4 of the top 5 spots — Sports WXYT is #1 7.9-7.3, Classic Hits WOMC 6.7-7.0 with the #1 cume 1.08 million, CBS Country WYCD jumps to 4th 5.3-5.5-6.2 and News WWJ is 5th moving 6.6-6.3-5.6.  In between at #3, CCU Urban A/C WMXD is 6.6.  Observations:  Greater Media’s Classic Rock WCSX vaults into 6th spot 3.9-4.4-5.3  Two photo finish ties for market share with CBS 26.1 and CCU 26.  CMLS registers 10.7 and both Radio One and Greater Media are even at 10.6.

12.  Miami.    Cox takes top share with Urban A/C WHQT 8.0 7.9 and co-owned Soft A/C WFEZ is fifth 5.4-4.7.  Univision has 2nd place with Spanish Hits WAMR 5.9-6.3-6.5, Lincoln Financial’s A/C WLYF has the #1 cume 1.05 million going 5.9-5.4-5.8 for 3rd share.  Next is CCU CHR WHYI 4.8-5.3-4.8.  Observations:  Reported as 70.58% ethic composition, the largest one book share swings are relatively minor with Univision’s WAMR +.6 and Cox WFEZ -.8. Market Share Totals:  CCU 18.0, Cox 15.5 and Lincoln FInancial 8.1.

13.  Seattle, WA.  Hubbard’s the star of the show with Soft A/C KRWN 5.7-5.8-6.3 followed by Hubbard CHR KQMV and the top market cume 997,100.  3rd pulpit belongs to Crista Media’s Contemp.Christian 4.9-4.8, 4th & 5th are both Entercom with Rock KISW 5.5-4.5 and Country KKWF 4.7-4.5.   Observations:  Seattle offers 3 News/Talk formats with Northwest Public’s KUOW/KQOW and Bonneville’s KIRO tied at 4.0 followed by Sinclair’s News KOMO at 2.9.  Sinclair’s Hot A/C KPLZ  is 3.3-3.2 vs. ETM’s Hot A/C KHTP 2.9-2.8.  CBS has 3 Seattle music formats: Classic Rock KZOK 5.3-5.2-4.0, Adult Hits KJAQ 3.3-4.0-3.6 and Country KMPS 3.3-3.3-3.7 to total 11.5 for 3rd place total market share, ETM 14.8 and Hubbard gets the Seattle share win with 16.5.

16.  Minneapolis.  CCU CHR KDWB has the #1 share 9.2-8.3-8.9 and #1 cume 1.1 million.   And, CCU Country KEEY grows 6.2-6.9-7.8 for 2nd place.  CMLS Classic Rock KQRS moves 7.5-8.4-7.7, Hubbard HOT A/C KTSP holds at 7.3 and CBS Country KMNB goes up 5.7-6.9.  Observations:  Nice jumps by CMLS Rock KXXR 5.1-5.8 and CCU Hot A/C KTCZ 4.6-5.4.  American Public’s cluster of N/T KNOW 3.2, AA KCMP 3.1 and Classic KSJN 2.7 even adds another .3 with the KCMP Stream.  4 other educational operators include U. Northwestern St. Paul’s pair of ContempChristian KTIS/FM 5.2 & Relig.Teaching KTIS AM .2.  Northern Lights KTWN doubles up Twins baseball with Modern A/C, 1.7-1.4-1.4.  Another, CCU Market Win 26.7.  CMLS 14.0, Hubbard 9.8

17.  San Diego.  CBS wins with A/C KYXY 4.7-4.9-5.2 on a 6th place cume.  Runner Up is CCU CHR KHTS 5.6-5.1 with #1 cume 858,100 and ties cluster partner Hot A/C KMYI 5.0-5.1.  Lincoln Financial takes 4th & 5th with Soft A/C KIFM 5.2-5.0 and Country KSON/KSOQ 4.5-4.56.  Observations:  Top News/Talk is SanDiego State U. KPBS 4.7-4.4, Midwest TV N/T 2.9-2.3 and CCU N/T KOGO posting the market’s largest May/June swing -.8, 2.4-1.6.  Biggest A/M/J shift is Midwest TV Hot A/C KFMB -.7, 3.1, 2.7, 2.4.  CCU has the top market share 22.6, Lincoln Media 12.8 and Local Media of San Diego totals 12.0 with XHRM RymOldies 4.3 , RymCHR XHITZ 4.0, ModRock XETRA 3.7.

18.  Tampa.   The gold goes to Cox Soft A/C WDUV, 8.5-9.4-10.6, top share, largest A/M/J growth and # cume 762,800.  Cox also takes 3rd and 4th honors with Classic Hits WXGL 6.6-6.8 and CHR WPOI 5.5-5.8.  Flling out the Top 5 are #2 CCU CHR WFLZ 6.3-6.9 and CBS Classic Hits WRBQ 4.8-5.6 for 5th.  Observations:  Interesting to see two Classic Hits WXGL and WRBQ in the Top 5.  Greatest one book shifts come from WRBQ +.8 and Cox A/C WWRM 5.0-4.1, -.9. CCU Classic Rock WMTX HD-2 has a 1.3-1.6.-1.6.  Market Share Photo Finish:  Cox 33.4, CCU 33.1, CBS 19.5.

20.  Denver.   Lincoln Financial Media (LFM) Country KYGO rides mile high with top share 5.2-5.7-6.2 on a 6th place cume.  ETM Soft A/C KOSI 4.7-5.3-5.9 has the #1 cume 720,500, LFM RymCHR KQKS 5.6-5.5, ETM Classic Rock KQMT 4.0-4.5-5.0 and CCU ModRock KTCL 5.0-4.9.  Observations: Largest one book shifts are CCU Classic Rock KRFX and Wilks Classic Hits KXKL both with identical 3.9-4.6 for +.7.  Conversely, ETM Hot A/C KALC, Wilks Hot A/C KIMN and Public News/Talk KCFR were -.6.  LFM Comedy KYGO HD-2 is 2.4-2.1-2.0.  Market Shares:  CCU 25.9, Entercom 16.3, Lincoln Financial 16.2, Wilks 10.2.

22.  St. Louis.  CBS Iconic News/Talk KMOX holds #1 8.1-7.9-7.6.  Hubbard Country WIL/F follows 7.6-7.5-7.5 and CCU’s KSA is 5.1-6.0-6.5 is 3rd.  Emmis Rock KSHE 6.4-6.2 and CCU Oldies KLOU 6.4-6.0 round out the top 5.  Observations:   #1 cume belongs to 6th place Hubbard Adult Hits WARH  770,700 6.1-5.1-5.8, also with the largest one book swing +.7.  Not a big change the other way with CBS A/C KEZK 5.4-4.9 and Cateway Contemp.Christan 5.2-4.7.  Market scorecard:  CCU 22.9, CBS 17.7, Emmis 16.8 and Hubbard 13.3.

Detecting some trends?  New formats or passe ones being replaced?  Interesting to see some groups consistently excel with one format or win with a formula in some markets while tanking in others.  More indy owners and successful smaller groups coming next.  Stay tuned…..

–Clark Smidt has been involved in all aspects of commercial radio & TV since 1966.  The NYC native, came to WBUR, Boston in ’70 and has contributed with Broadcast Ideas since 1982.  Credits include FCC licensee, Chairman of New Hampshire Assn. of Broadcasters, business connector and format builder, including original Softrock at CBS/FM 1977, “The Eagles. Without the turkeys.” and “Joni. Without the balioni.”  [email protected]  978 470 2120.  Andover, MA.