Advanced TV Measurement Brings IRI, Alphonso Together


A TV data company has joined forces with a global “big data and analytics solutions” provider in a combined effort to provide advanced TV measurement solutions to brands “seeking better ways to understand the true impact of their TV and digital advertising.”

The TV data company is Alphonso, and it is joining with IRI with the effort, in which “real-time TV audience viewership data” from 34 million U.S. households will now inform ad measurement reporting provided through IRI Lift, the company’s media measurement tool that integrates point-of-sale, frequent shopper, causal and media exposure data in ways that give marketers the ability to understand in-store sales-lift impact of ad spend in real time throughout a campaign, rather than only after.

The merger of Alphonso’s granular TV ad-occurrence data from more than 200 broadcast and cable networks with IRI Lift is also designed to allow marketers to understand the impact of TV campaigns as well as the overall impact when combined with digital ad campaigns.

Alphonso’s ad-occurrence data is indexed in real time, giving IRI access to viewership insights for every ad airing on TV as well as which households have been exposed to them, designed with privacy protections built in.

“It’s a challenge that has left marketers in the dark for too long — did my TV ad perform in driving sales of my product?,” notes Alphonso CEO Ashish Chordia. “Which creatives are moving the most products on which networks? Pairing our TV data with IRI’s consumer shopping data, we can now answer these questions.”

Nishat Mehta, president of the IRI Media Center of Excellence, adds, “When a potential customer is interrupted by ads selling things they have no interest in, their time is being wasted. However, when an ad is precisely matched to its target market, the experience of seeing that ad is completely different. As digital ads become more relevant, Alphonso and IRI set out to understand how we could similarly improve consumers’ experience with TV media. We are excited to work with Alphonso to ensure that TV ads engage consumers with information they can use.”