Ad firm specializes in fast food


MDB Communications of Washington DC thinks it has a special handle on putting people in the seats or at the drive-up window of quick service restaurants, which is why its founder, Richard Coad, is forming what he calls the QSR SWAT Team.

Coad builds on a resume which includes making Subway supersalesman Jared Fogel a household name. He says he will use a multimedia approach and do the same for any quick service or fast casual restaurant.

“These are difficult times in the QSR business for most restaurants. They’re forced to do deals to build traffic. Few have campaign ideas that resonate. Brands can’t afford to do the same old thing. They need game-changing ideas that leverage all contemporary media tools and attack the traditional model differently. The MDB-QSR SWAT Team brings together talents of creative thinkers who understand great ideas in the QSR industry and know how to make the cash register ring. Our collective experience has touched over twenty brands in the category. Now, we’re standing by to solve problems in a big way.”

He says there is only one way to tell if a campaign is working – sales.