A Virtual Audio Processing Software Offering Arrives


Telos Alliance, the Cleveland-based broadcast audio technology company, is now offering its Omnia Forza FM virtual audio processing software to the public.

Unveiled at the 2024 NAB Show, Forza FM is the newest Omnia software processor. Like Forza HDS for HD, DAB, and streaming audio, Forza FM employs a five-band architecture, but its wideband and multiband processing stages have been optimized to meet the unique demands of FM radio. It features the same Frank Foti-designed “Silvio” clipper used in Omnia.11 feeding a stereo generator with two µMPX outputs, and includes processing for HD-1 with a built-in diversity delay.

Forza FM will be delivered as a container that can run on an on-premises COTS server or on a cloud-hosted platform such as AWS. Alternatively, up to two instances of Forza FM processing with µMPX can be licensed on the Telos Alliance AP-3000 hardware platform.

Forza FM maintains the single-page HTML5 UI introduced with Forza HDS and makes extensive use of “smart controls” to adjust multiple parameters with a single control.

Foti, the founder of Omni and Telos Alliance Board Chairman well-remembered as the first chief engineer of WHTZ “Z100” in New York under Malrite Communications ownership, commented, “From the first time we gave customers a sneak preview of Omnia Forza FM back in 2023 until we made it official just before the 2024 NAB Show, the excitement surrounding this processor has been incredible, and the response when people hear it has been overwhelmingly positive.”

To learn more about Omnia Forza, please visit https://telosalliance.com/forza.



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