A Political Contact Database Fit For Print Comes To TV, Radio


How can broadcast media reach the decision makers who control spending of the billions of dollars in political advertising that will be placed during the 2018 election campaigns?

Here’s a database with contact information for all levels of races and issues, from local to national.

The Edmonds Political Contact Database has been used by newspapers across many an election campaign. Now, the tool is being made available to broadcast media.

The database is being supplied by Revenue Development Resources (RDR), and it provides contact information for thousands of candidates and campaigns ranging from Justice of the Peace to presidential campaigns.

Also included are the PACs and interest groups that advertise; their contact details; and the political firms doing their media buying.

The information is compiled, and regularly updated, by Edmonds Associates.

“Nearly 75% of all political election activity will be in county and local races—where the broadcast media’s footprint is strong,” said Tom Edmonds, a veteran political media consultant, author, and past president of both the American and International Associations of Political Consultants. “We can help them capture a larger share of this ‘cash’ business.”

RDR President Mark Levy commented, “During the 2016 elections, this data helped stations capture more political money. The databases will enable broadcasters to get to political decision makers faster, and ultimately get bigger shares of the buys.”

Subscribers receive the database of contact information, ongoing updates to all lists, a customizable Political PowerPoint that can be used for staff training and client presentations, plus ongoing communication of best practices, success stories and other relevant political information throughout the election season.