A Next-Generation Radio Playout System Arrives


Radio technology company Broadcast Radio Ltd. is heralding the full release of its next
generation radio software, Myriad 6 Playout, and its native cloud radio platform, Myriad Cloud.

Myriad 6 Playout offers the following new features:
• Native OPUS audio format support for media content.
• External stream Media Item for including streams in playout.
• Extended import file formats supported (inc FLAC & OPUS).
• Non-destructive ingest (trim and normalization applied at play time).
• Smart Transfer previews smooth studio switching.
• Enhanced audio device management and support.
• Myriad Backup – Automated backup of audio & metadata to your Dropbox or One Drive
• Myriad Replication – Automated bi-directional audio & metadata synchronization between one or more sites or Myriad 6 systems.
• Completely updated UI with light and dark themes selectable per User.

Myriad’s web interface, Myriad Anywhere 6 also gets a big upgrade with enhancements including:
• Complete control over all station settings.
• Manage categories, contents and scheduling.
• Media reports and mass changing.
• Manage supporting applications such as RES, OCP and AutoImporter.
• Advanced voice tracking.
• Live interactive remote shows.

Myriad Anywhere 6 removes the final aspects of setting up and running a station that required direct access to software – meaning you can build, manage and run your entire station from a web browser on PC or Mac.

Myriad 6 Playout is available now for new customers and as a free upgrade to existing Myriad 5 customers.

Alongside Myriad 6 Playout, Broadcast Radio have also launched Myriad Cloud, a 100% native cloud radio platform built for professional radio stations and running 24/7 within the Microsoft Azure cloud ecosystem.

Myriad Cloud is built using the same core DNA as Myriad Playout and offers virtually identical feature set to its desktop cousin, but with the scalability and resilience afforded by being cloud based. No VM’s or virtual audio, just professional radio without the need for expensive equipment or infrastructure. Myriad Cloud can be used for single stations, as a solution for broadcasters needing to operate multiple stations cost effectively or as part of a hybrid approach that blends traditional studio-based production with high availability cloud broadcasting.

To achieve this, they have developed several key technologies including a completely new audio engine that does not require physical (or virtual) audio devices, a ‘headless’ core playout engine and of course, a complete web interface to allow users to plan and schedule their station, manage content and users, voice track and even present live shows from anywhere in the world.

There are many potential uses for this technology including:
• Zero infrastructure Web/SSDAB/FM stations.
• Disaster Recovery.
• Popup or Sub Brand Radio Stations.
• Instore & Non-Traditional Radio.

Myriad Cloud also integrates with all existing Broadcast Radio services such as streaming, website, skills and mobile apps, to provide a complete solution for broadcasters.

For more information visit – https://www.myriadcloud.com/#FreeTrial

For more information about Broadcast Radio visit www.broadcastradio.com