GAIAN, ARK Collaborate On Broadcast Internet Network Creation


GAIAN Solutions Inc. and ARK Multicasting, Inc. are celebrating the creation of a groundbreaking joint venture set to establish the nation’s largest Broadcast Internet Networks. The partnership will swiftly cover over 30% of the country, spearheading the NextGenTV market in the United States.

An aggressive roll-out plan is in the pipeline, as the joint venture aims to extend its revolutionary network to all 300 television stations currently served by ARK.

“We are shopping for partners in other markets, as the potential for growth and reach is tremendous, and the opportunity for all television broadcasters who partner is unmatched by existing models” said Joshua Weiss, CEO of ARK.

Leveraging the highly valuable NextGenTV spectrum, the joint venture promises to bring a plethora of applications ranging from citizen safety, IoT management, Smart City Services, Digital Signage, to Interactive applications. The network is initially launching dozens of these applications in 10 markets, rapidly expanding to cater to the needs of cities and communities across the country.

“In the explosive and rapidly changing world of AI-based digital solutions, the Mobius platform brings light-speed capabilities to envision, engineer and launch applications leveraging the NextGenTV network,” said Chandra Kotaru, of GAIAN.

The platform fosters the spirit of innovation and agility, enabling the quick and robust development of applications on-demand.

“You think of an app, we deliver the app,” added Kotaru. “On-Demand IT is the future, and we are proud to bring such bleeding-edge technology to the NextGenTV industry.”