A New User Interface Accompanies MediaPulse Upgrades


Broadcast facility management software maker Xytech is heading to IBC 2019 in Amster Broadcast facility management software maker Xytech is heading to IBC 2019 in Amsterdam, and it is putting a spotlight on “several major updates” to its MediaPulse product line.dam, and it is putting a spotlight on “several major updates” to its MediaPulse product line.

Xytech can be found in Hall 6, Booth C22 during IBC 2019 from September 13-17 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


One of the main features of MediaPulse being showcased is its re-designed user interface. This re-design, the company says, is its response to the recent market need to place targeted functionality in the hands of every staff member, freelancer and vendor in order to create “a seamless end-to-end automated workflow.”

In order to do this properly, the UI is now completely intuitive and can operate on any device, Xytech says.

The new UI also contains a unique, integrated mobile experience for low touch users on phones. Xytech believes this is ideal for staff members needing to see schedules, accept assignments and actualize work hours.

Another key upgrade includes the update to the Personnel Manager to include real-time counters in the scheduling view to track any entitlements, work time, available time, overtime or any other classification managed by MediaPulse. The Personnel Manager rules engine has been upgraded to track all user-defined conditions, alert staff when thresholds are exceeded, compute costs and prepare timesheets. This specifically addresses the European Working Time Directive.

In addition to the updates to the Personnel Manager, the Transmission Module has also undergone several upgrades. New functionality manages both technical compatibility and service compatibility. Users automatically create a technically correct circuit while simultaneously ensuring the selected devices fulfill the service required. This new functionality works hand-in-hand with device monitoring capabilities to make sure operators have a single source of truth for all transmission bookings.

The new user interface is available now in the 2019 version of MediaPulse.