A Free Radio App, In Response To COVID-19 Crisis


RadioMax, a mobile app technology provider for the commercial radio industry, is agreeing to provide at no cost a mobile app to any station in need of one to better help serve and inform their listeners and community during the coronavirus pandemic.

“As the concern centering around COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to rise, stations just need to let RadioMax know they need an app, and RadioMax will get one in operation as soon as possible,” the Chicago-based tech company says.  

RadioMax CEO John Wanzung said, “As this situation develops, people are going to be turning to radio for information.  As more and more people stay at home, not spending as much time in their cars over the next several weeks, we want to give stations and their listeners an additional way to stay connected and informed via a mobile app.  The current situation is an opportunity for all of radio to rise to the occasion to inform and support our communities.”

RadioMax will work with stations currently without a mobile app for free through June 1.

RadioMax’s mobile platform allows stations to connect with listeners in real time, providing “a comprehensive listener experience” with real-time interaction for the most up-to-date information.

For stations in need of a mobile app and how to get it set up, please visit www.radiomaxapp.com