A 3G/HD Entry-Level Production Server Arrives


A Torrance, Calif.-based manufacturer of slow motion instant replay servers and video refereeing solutions is ready to demonstrate its new broadcast-grade production server at IBC 2019 in Amsterdam.

The new Arrow III broadcast-grade production server for slow motion replays and
recording for NLE will be the featured product shown by slomo.tv (taking booth 8.B40).

Arrow III is an entry level server for professional television production and is positioned as “a workhorse for broadcasting sports events of any level of complexity and recording for NLE of various TV shows.”

Arrow III comes in one standard 662 configuration: 6 recording + 6 search + 2 playback
channels + FX.

It can also work in a 772 configuration.

The company claims that Arrow III is the only 2U server on the market which can be used not only for instant replays, but also for NLE recording without any external equipment on removable hard drives.

The built-in DMR Racks make it a self-contained versatile system.

In its basic configuration, the server has three built-in DMR Racks for standard 3.5" SATA hard drives. With DMR option, the system can record up to eight channels of incoming HD video on removable media or NAS via a high-speed 10GbE interface which also enables integration of the server into high-speed networks for work in the studio or OB Van.

The system was developed taking into account user feedback. Large, low-noise fans on the
front panel of the server ensure virtually silent operation. When ordering, customers can
select between affordable HDD or high-performance lightweight and reliable SSD.

Arrow III provides recording of up to 400 hours of HD 100Mbit video. The new server comes in two basic configurations:

  • Arrow III 662 with HDD-based subsystem and Control Zx console
  • Arrow III 662 with SSD-based subsystem and Control ZR console

The new generation of slomo.tv replay consoles are equipped with 51 RGB illuminated push
buttons, Jog Shuttle and a new T-Bar, providing up to 1024 lever position values. All replay
consoles have universal connectivity (Ethernet, USB, RS232 and RS422).