77 bidders at the table


The FM Auction #79 will have 77 players at the table, vying for varying numbers of sticks out of the 122 available. Educational Media Foundation leads the pack with a $400K ante. The auction is scheduled for
Bidders have the option of bidding over the internet or by phone. The internet users will have access at either http://auctions.fcc.gov or http://auctions2.fcc.gov. These locations will also be used for the mock auction scheduled for 8/28/09. It will consist of five practice rounds beginning at 10AM Eastern and running through 3:45PM.

Bidders are advised to proceed with caution, since bids may not be withdrawn and the high bid counts – even if it was a typo.

19 companies have anted up at least $100K, including:

Educational Media Foundation $400K

United States CP LLC $390K

Audion Communications LLC $350K

George S. Flinn Jr., $285.5K

Family Life Broadcasting Inc. $210K

Valleydale Broadcasting LLC $205K

Grace Brindisi, Grace $200K

Owens One Company Inc. $200K

Jesse R. Feathers, $196.5K

Caroline Smith, $180K

Sunnylands Broadcasting LLC $155K

Delta Media Corporation $151.5K

Johnny Boswell Radio LLC $140K

Texoma Broadcasting Inc. $125K

Hispanic Target Media Inc. $120K

In Phase Broadcasting Inc $120K

Miller Communications Inc. $120K

Reich, Raymond F $120K

St. John’s Communications LLC $120K

RBR/TVBR observation: We do not believe that many of these sticks are headed for any major pockets of population, and it’s a bad time to be bringing a new baby station into the world anyway. That may be a great thing for this intrepid band of investors, many of whom should come away with real bargains.