61.2% of Americans Displeased w/ Health reform (Radio wake up)


Current survey of over 5,000 people, 61.2% of Americans are against raising the debt ceiling. FACT – Congressional Democrats are not listening to any of their so called polls, not listening to the facts from most broadcast networks, not listening to American’s on talk radio and they are most certainly NOT listening to the American public period.

Seems Democrats have lost all commonsense and forgot who elected them to their jobs to represent the American public’s best interest.

Broadcasters make a difference now before it is too late by using the power of the tower to broadcast tell all political servants to: ‘Stop now, pull this eighteen wheeler over to the side of the road and check brakes before they give out.’

Road signal: “check brakes – Steep decline for 10 years ahead.”  Both mediums should be making their voices heard by giving out their local congressional representatives phone number and urge them to call and say “Stop now”.
Here are the latest American Pulse™ FACTS:
As Congressional Democrats hurry to raise the debt ceiling and pass the sweeping healthcare reform before the Christmas holiday, Americans are voicing their displeasure with government spending.

According to the latest American Pulse™ Survey of over 5,000 people:
1. 61.2% of Americans are against raising the debt ceiling,
2. 24% are for it and
3. 14.8% are apathetic.
4. 47.5% of Americans say they don’t want money allocated towards another stimulus package (27.1% say yes and 25.4% don’t know).

45.1% disagree with President Obama’s assertion that we must continue to “spend our way out of this recession.”

49.9% say that President Obama hasn’t done a good job at restoring fiscal responsibility in Washington, 24.3% believe he has while 25.7% don’t know.

Regarding healthcare:
63.6% say the Democrats should give Republicans more participation in writing the healthcare reform legislation.

46% say the reform will not result in better healthcare and only 22.2% think the reform will result in lower healthcare costs.

(About American Pulse™ Survey is collected online by BIGresearch every month exclusively utilizing Survey Sampling International’s (SSI) U.S. panel covering topics such as politics, pop culture and the economy. Over 5,000 respondents participate, providing greater insights into how Americans really feel about issues they currently face. http://www.bigresearch.com)

RBR/TVBR observation: Displeased as Democrats dash to raise debt w/ Healthcare and this is where Radio and Television broadcasters can now fully engage and make a difference with their listeners and loyal viewers. It is called localism by getting involved as poll after poll says ‘Stop’ now with this healthcare reform.

Radio in particular can truly do this job as they have the power of the tower and live and local. RBR-TVBR represents broadcasters and if we were programming today we would be on the air banging away at this issue that is about to cripple our economy for years to come.

Do not wake up on Christmas morning to find out that bull headed non-responsive professional politicians have taken American’s freedom of choice away.

Radio broadcasters – make a difference because now you are the only local voice that can call to action the listener to encourage them to pick up the phone and call their representative. TV can’t do this job only Radio can.

Post your comments and then forward this report on to your friends and use your voice to make a difference or when we wake up on Christmas morning we will find more coal under our trees while congress is flying back home on their jets at our expense.