Phoenix AM Falls Victim To Majority Owner’s Chapter 7 Move

The future of an AM in the Valley of the Sun will not include a successful banker who made headlines in 2001 for his participation as an aviator in the London to Sydney Air Race. That's because this individual, and his wife, have lost ownership of this facility some 5 1/2 years after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

Yeh Man: Mon Valley Duo Dealt

South of the Pittsburgh area is the Monongahela River Valley – known to locals as the “Mon Valley.” That’s where an AM-FM combo is being sold from the estate of the late Stanley Wall. The buyer owns 6 commercial stations and 1 noncommercial FM in the Keystone State. Meanwhile, a familiar Arkansas-based media figure has engaged in a plan to rescue a group of financially distressed low-power TV stations in three markets across the state. These are the deals in detail in RBR + TVBR’s TRANSACTIONS TODAY for April 3, 2017.

Living Proof Of Sale: High Desert FMs In Holy Deal

A Pentecostal church serving the Hispanic community in California’s High Desert region has acquired two FMs and two translators from another religious noncommercial entity. Meanwhile, a Colorado NPR giant has acquired a third FM to provide fill-in coverage for its main signal, located on the other side of Pikes Peak. These are the deals highlighted in RBR + TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Friday, March 31.

ICA Radio Closes On Lone Star Buy

ICA Radio Ltd. has completed its $2.48 million acquisition of a trio of FM stations serving the Corpus Christi, Texas market. Kalil & Co. was the exclusive broker for this transaction.

Minnesota Quartet Sail To A Riverfront

Two combos in the Land Of 10,000 Lakes are now Riverfront properties thanks to a multi-million dollar deal announced Wednesday by the exclusive brokers in the deal, Susan Patrick and Jason James of Patrick Communications.

Utah AM Changes Hands; NoCal Translator Dealt

In a quiet mid-week day for deals, an AM in Utah is being handed to a new licensee for no cash consideration. At the same time, a translator in Northern California is being dealt. These are the deals highlighted in RBR + TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Wednesday, March 29.

Station Swaps To Noncomms Seen In Four Different Deals

Get ready to see two FMs get shifted from commercial to noncommercial status. In Maryland’s Eastern Shore, a Class A FM specializing in variety has been given a Bridge of Hope. In Bayou Country, a Class C3 FM airing a Classic Rock format is about to get a bit of love … KLOVE, that is. These are the key deals in RBR + TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY.

A Cumulus Spinoff Is Sold In Oklahoma

A station placed into trust following the merger six years ago of Citadel Broadcasting and Cumulus Media has been sold to a local broadcaster who gains a third property in the Oklahoma City market. The station is licensed to the birthplace of Wal-Mart Stores founder Sam Walton.

NoCal Translator Swap On Tranquil Day For Transactions

A translator has traded hands, for no cash consideration. It's the lone deal seen in TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Friday, March 24.

EMF Swaps Stations With Four-Pronged Maui Cruiser

A single asset exchange agreement filing with the Commission involving radio station owners Adam and Victor Michael and Educational Media Foundation will see the swap of three FMs and a translator serving Hawaii's Valley Isle, two FM translators in the Valley of the Sun, and three FM translators in Colorado.

Lotus Gives More Life To ‘Vive’

A Spanish Adult Contemporary radio station owned by Lotus Communications serving the Sacramento market has gotten a little boost thanks to the acquisition of an FM translator that enjoys a full signal over California's capital city.

An ‘UP’ FM Is Sold In A Trade Between Wisconsin Players

Who knew the Upper Peninsula town of Escanaba, Mich., would be the hottest place for radio deals -- thus far -- in 2017? The second transaction to be seen in this locale has just been filed with the FCC.

Here’s The Newest Addition To New South’s Stable

For many years, New South Radio and the Holladay family have owned AM and FM stations across the Deep South. Now, New South is adding to its collection of stations serving the Jackson, Miss., market -- once it terminates a Time Brokerage Agreement with Flinn Broadcasting.

Delmarva Dual Deals Signed And Sealed

A "Twin" operator in an area of America known for its wild horses has officially moved ahead with its previously announced plan to acquire, in two deals, a pair of Class A FMs.

A Pharr Deal For Rio Grande Valley AM

A pair of deals involving Spanish-language radio stations highlights today's TRANSACTIONS TODAY. One station is in the Garden State, while the other is in the Rio Grande Valley.

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