Why Bad Salespeople Get Hired

How could a $7M sales superstar totally flop at his next employer? Maybe he was simply the wrong choice for the job.

Ways To Turn A ‘No’ Client Into A ‘Yes’ Client

The following tips are both necessary and instrumental for getting bigger deals in less time, from the people who have the authority to say “yes!”

Smart Ways To Coach Your Reps On Sales Calls

Barrett Riddleberger offers four steps to take when coaching sales reps to develop their skills and help them achieve their sales goals.
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Did ‘Santa’ Arrive Early Enough For Radio?

Holiday favorites may have hijacked your market's AC station as early as Veterans Day. Nielsen data suggest that may not be soon enough.

Marketing Basics Revisited

The perceptions or position you want to create in the mind of your prospect, along with your goals, should be considered

How Broadcast Media Can Squelch Snapchat

Is three seconds long enough to establish a valuable brand connection with consumers? RBR + TVBR’s Editor-In-Chief says no way

The One Thing To Ask All Job Candidates

One very common question is loaded with the opportunity to gather some great intel that often gets overlooked in an interview

Two Critical Things To Add To Your Hiring Process

"Without knowing what motivates a salesperson, you have no way of determining if that employee is going to actually do anything."

How To Cope With Changing Tastes? Look to Pepsi

By acting like Pepsico, radio can greater respect from the brands that these radio stations are emulating.

The Seven Reasons Why Sales Managers Fail

If you are a sales manager or VP, these issues have likely caused problems for you or others you know.

When To Engage With Your Consumers Via Social Media

When to engage with your digitally savvy super fans? Read this column to find the best answers

How To Have That AE Accountability Talk

Barrett Riddleberger offers some key guidelines that he believes to be helpful when having the "accountability" talk

Small Business, Big Returns: How Radio Can Help

Radio has the tools to best serve small businesses. Here's how to prevent e-marketers from stealing potential dollars from you

Before You Hire A Sales Rep, Ask These Questions

According to Barrett Riddleberger, defining your sales role before recruitment is critical to the hiring process.

The Future Of Traditional Advertising

In March 2012, Audio Graphics president Ken Dardis was stunned by a JC Penney ad he heard on Pandora. Has radio reacted yet?

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