Young star Jackie Evancho impressed by radio airplay


Having just sung for President Barack Obama at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree and performing before tens of millions of viewers on various television shows, you might expect 10-year-old singing star Jackie Evancho to be blasé about hearing herself on the radio. Nope.

According to a posting by her father, Mike Evancho, on the young artist’s official website Jackie heard a song from her platinum-certified album “O Holy Night” playing on the air for the first time this week while she and her siblings were visiting their grandmother. When the song began playing she thought a family member was playing a trick on her and had switched on the CD player. Sure enough, her CD was in the player, but it wasn’t turning. It was herself she was hearing on the radio.

“I can’t believe I’m on the radio,” Jackie was quoted by her father as saying.

The Pittsburgh-area station filling the grandmother’s home with Christmas music was not identified.