WXDJ, Budweiser hold music event


Spanish Broadcasting System’s Spanish Tropical WXDJ-FM El Zol 95.7FM says its music event (8/25) with Budweiser–“Budweiser en Privado” (in private)–was a big success. The event took place at the Miccosukee Resort & Gaming casino in Ft. Lauderdale. Two of Latin music’s top artists Frankie Negron and Huey Dunbar were there performing.

It brought in some 1,500 people. Held four times a year, this private concert was organized by El Zol, Budweiser, Miccosukee Resort & Gaming and 1-800-411 Pain [a car accident law firm]. There were also various media outlets that covered the event, including our own MegaTV shows “A Tacón Quita’o” and “Paparazzi Magazine”.

“We are honored that our listeners came out to our event and we will continue to provide the South Florida community with more events from the only salsa hit station in Miami El Zol 95,” said Jesus Salas, EVP/Programming of SBS. 

El Zol and MegaTV personalities were present during the event; as well as a live DJ who was mixing up the best of salsa, merengue, and more for the attendees at the event. Famous personalities were present, including: Amara, Tito Puente Jr, Eduardo Antonio, Betzy Vazquez “La Gatita”, Albertico Rodriguez, Carlos “Caferro” Fernando Rodriguez, Jammin Johnny Caride, Luis “El Sabroso” Perozo, Roberto Blades among others.