Woman sues MTV, Viacom over "Jersey Shore" incident


It’s the 15th suit involving the show and/or its cast members in the last two years: A woman celebrating her niece’s birthday alleges that the brawling, drunken cast members (Snooki & Co.) of “Jersey Shore” gave her a permanent head injury while filming the show in Seaside Heights, NJ.

Loretta DiLeo Lower Makefield, PA, sued MTV Networks, Viacom, the Aztec Ocean Resort/Aztec Bar, and affiliated individuals and companies, including security firms.
DiLeo says she was celebrating her niece’s birthday at the Aztec Bar when a group of drunk people got into a fracas with the club’s security, and with security from the reality show. The suit claims they came into contact with her, “thereby striking her to stumble backwards and strike her head, all of which actions resulted in severe and permanent injuries.”
She also claims the defendants encouraged visibly drunk people to keep drinking, knowing that they were a “danger, hazard and menace to themselves, as well as to others,” in violation of state law.
DiLeo seeks damages for pain and suffering and monetary losses. Her husband seeks damages for loss of consortium, according to Courthouse News’ database.

RBR-TVBR observation: Unfortunately, part of the collateral effects of pushing the envelope for ratings. Of course, unless the event was captured and actually aired, The DiLeos will have to show some kind of proof. It doesn’t appear a police report was filed, nor do we see evidence of a hospital visit.