Wheeler spinning media stocks


Stock MarketFCC chair nominee Tom Wheeler has a strong background in communications, and now he has a strong communications stock portfolio. But he has promised to cash out any stocks that might pose a conflict of interest in his upcoming job.

According to Hillicon Valley, chief among the holdings are interests in AT&T and Verizon. But that is hardly the end of it.

In all, Wheeler is said to have some 78 stocks in communications, media and tech companies.

Included is a chunk of the entire lineup of Big Four broadcast television networks, in for form of holdings in Comcast, CBS, News Corporation and Walt Disney.

Internet and computer holdings also make up a portion of the soon-to-be liquidated portfolio.


  1. What a crock; just because he sells his stocks doesn’t make him any less a telecom man. He will evicerate broadcasting over wireless.

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