Wendy's, Bravo Group launch campaign for Hispanic market


Wendy’s International and its Miami-based Hispanic agency The Bravo Group, announce the launch of Wendy’s “Sabor de Verdad” campaign for the U.S. Hispanic consumer market.

The central theme, “Sabor de Verdad,” loosely translated as “Real Taste,” neatly encompasses Wendy’s core principals of superior, quality food prepared with fresh ingredients, while appealing to Hispanic customers’ savvy and appreciation for real, quality, tasty food. “Sabor,” representing taste, flavor and character, and “de verdad” meaning authentic, real and true, plainly spell out Wendy’s food philosophy for Hispanic customers. 

Ana Hernandez, brand manager for Wendy’s International, tells RBR-TVBR that as far as the TV media plan, the campaign will air on a national basis on both network and cable, as well as on a local basis. For the most part, the radio spots will run on a local level at the discretion of the local markets. There will be additional TV and radio spots rolling out in November & December after the preliminary 11/1. All spots for 2010 will feature Cesar and Gabriela.

“The launch of “Sabor de Verdad” introduces a consumer couple – Cesar and Gabriela – to the Hispanic Market,” she said. “The premise of the spot is the couple ordering at a drive-thru from the 99c Everyday Value Menu. Cesar orders a “Papapolloguesa,” which Gabi doesn’t recognize on the menu. It is only later we realize Cesar has combined three products into one: baked potato, Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Double Stack (i.e. potato, chicken, burger). The creative is tied together with the idea of my cravings at 99cents (“mis antojos a 99centavos”).”

“Our research shows that the phrase ‘Sabor de Verdad’ produces a strong, emotional connection for Hispanic consumers with its multi-faceted meanings — authentic food with true flavor from Wendy’s,” said Bravo Renee Lavecchia, Vice President, Managing Director. “It communicates the benefits and value of Wendy’s ‘real’ strategy in a fresh, memorable way for Hispanic consumers.”

In conjunction with the “Sabor to Verdad” launch, Wendy’s plans to introduce expanded offerings to their 99 cents Everyday Value Menu at participating Wendy’s. For Hispanic customers, advertising will focus on the ability to enjoy “sabor de verdad” by satisfying whatever “antojos” or taste cravings they may have  — at an everyday, affordable price point of 99 cents.