Wease countdown begins in Rochester


Now that New York has outlawed non-competes, Clear Channel has begun a 95-day countdown to put Brother Wease back on the air at “95.1 The Fox” WFXF. Entercom announced in February that it failed to come to terms with Wease after acquiring WCMF-FM from CBS Radio.

Wease, whose mother named him Alan Levin, has been on the payroll at WFXF for months, but has had to stay off air, helping the sales department pitch the station to advertisers. But now he’s preparing to get back behind the mic on November 17th. He is an institution in the market, having been on WCMF for more than 20 years.

"It has been several months since the announcement that Brother Wease would be joining us here at 95.1 The Fox.  Much has happened since then.  Over the summer many lawyers have had many many many conversations – some of them even made a little bit of sense.  Hell, even Governor Paterson has passed new employment laws regarding situations like this one. Coincidence?  We think not!  But today I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page.  As we all enjoy the wonderful latter half of summer and the change of seasons begins with the arrival of fall, so too will a new season begin here on 95.1.  Without further delay I am very excited to say that today, we begin our final countdown to a new chapter in Rochester radio, and specifically, morning radio on 95.1.  Your friend, your voice, your buddy – that guy who has gotten you through your morning commute for more than two decades returns. Brother Wease is here at 95.1 and he misses you as much as you’ve missed him.  And you will again hear Brother Wease – on 95.1 The Fox –  95 days from today,” JP Hastings announced on the air Thursday morning.

Although Wease has not been on the air, WFXF has heavily promoted his eventual appearance on its website. Now that there is a date certain, the website features a countdown to that air date.

RBR/TVBR observation: The irony of this cannot be lost on the folks at Tribune Company who recently settled non-compete lawsuits with Clear Channel. Now Clear Channel is one of the first beneficiaries of the New York ban on non-competes.