W Radio 690 AM to promote health of listeners


In 2010, W Radio 690 AM – “La voz del pueblo” continues to support new social causes.  This time, Grupo Latino de Radio’s station in Southern California dedicated the month of February to educate its listeners on heart-related diseases, and promote their health and care.

W Radio has joined forces with several organizations such as the Health Office in LA and several well-known cardiologists. They will provide information to listeners live in our shows – such as “Hoy por Hoy” or “La Voz del Pueblo” – about the various free programs that exist to help the community to find out if they are at risk of having some of these heart diseases. They will also bring advice about anything we can do to prevent these conditions.

One of the key elements in the campaign is the health topic show “Cita con el Doctor”, hosted Monday to Friday by Dr. Elmer Huerta, which is giving special attention to this issue during this month.