Visible World awarded key ad addressability patent


Visible WorldVisible World has been granted a patent on bandwidth management for linear household addressable TV advertising applications. With this patent, the technology offered by Visible World enables any combination of multiple commercials to be inserted into the same TV ad slot, where each commercial is addressed to its own target consumer segment. Visible World empowers over 200 advertisers. RBR-TVBR spoke with Claudio Marcus, Visible World EVP. We asked: 

What are some of the networks and/or MSOs currently offer Visible World technology?Cablevision is already using Visible World’s Household Addressable TV Advertising technology where it is being used with 70+ SD and 40+ HD Networks. Since its deployment, more than 1.7 Billion household addressable impressions have already been delivered for Cablevision Marketing and other major advertisers.

How do these new patents specifically improve on what you offer now?
Bandwidth is the largest MSO cost associated with the deployment of Household Addressable TV Advertising capabilities on Linear TV ad inventory. The patent reaffirms that Visible World’s technology enables the most efficient bandwidth solution for Household Addressable TV Advertising on Linear TV ad inventory.

What other addressable advertising technology providers are in the space right now?Invidi offers addressable TV advertising that due to bandwidth constraints relies on sending targeted ads overnight to store on subscriber DVRs, which limits the reach of household addressability only to households with DVRs.

Do these new patents put other addressable advertising technology providers in any infringement jeopardy?
There is currently no other technology provider executing household addressable TV advertising in a manner that reaches all linear TV subscribers.  If and when other addressable advertising providers begin to deploy in a manner that does reach all linear TV subscribers, we will assess how it is being done, and if need be, assert our intellectual property rights.

This link provides details related to the patent