Viacom unveils “Surround Sound” cross-platform audience targeting


ViacomSurround Sound is a new sales capability enabling advertisers to reach specific audiences with pinpoint accuracy on every digital platform of the company’s media networks, including MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and more. Available now, the new ability offers advertisers targeted, scaled media buys across nearly 100 million homes on-air, and more than 80 million unique visitors online, as well as mobile and email users the company reaches nationwide. 

The capability utilizes Adobe AudienceManager, formerly “Demdex.”

“Our brands excel at delivering highly targeted demos for advertisers, but ‘Surround Sound’ takes that ability a big step further, by empowering us to connect clients with specific audiences wherever they are across our digital portfolio,” said Jeff Lucas, Head of Sales, Music and Entertainment for Viacom Media Networks.

“With ‘Surround Sound,’ we’re offering advertisers the sustainable, scalable ability to reach very specific consumers across every screen we program, from television to online video, premium display, mobile and even email advertising inventory,” said Jim Perry, Head of Sales, Nickelodeon Group for Viacom Media Networks.

So, Viacom will offer an advertiser a media buy that will include TV spots to air during a show as well as online video and premium display ads to run on the shows’ sites as well as other Viacom online properties such as and gaming site Addicting Games.

With Adobe AudienceManager, Viacom is also getting a single view of all of its data assets, helping it unlock the value of that data with a cross-platform ad solution.

“Surround Sound” leverages proprietary, anonymous first-party data from Viacom as well as anonymous data from trusted industry partners and providers around demographics, behavior, geography, and purchase propensities. The collection and use of anonymous data is done in compliance with Viacom’s privacy policies.