Ups And Downs For Radio’s Biggest Players


U.S. financial markets enjoyed a strong trading day on Tuesday. But how did media companies fare?

One radio broadcasting company saw its shares improve, while another suffered a dip. Which companies are involved?

Beasley Media Group shares fell 4.25% to $3.27, on slightly lighter than average volume of 45,320 shares. Normal trading volume for BBGI is 51,471 shares.

The dip makes August 12’s close of $3.48 the biggest for the last 30 days, while Beasley’s fall brings it closer to mid-July pricing that included a $3.07 close — a five-year low.

For Entercom Communications, a much-needed rebound came in the form of a 9% advancement from Monday’s close, finishing at $3.63.

Still, that’s significantly lower than where ETM has been for most of the last five years — for at any point prior to August 6, for that matter.

Volume was double the average on Tuesday, with 2.14 million shares traded; average volume is 1.34 million shares.


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