TV advocacy organization launching next week


Gordon Smith of the National Association of Broadcasters is just one of the executives that will be on hand next week as a new group – The Future of TV Coalition – is positioned for lift-off. The coalition will work to ensure that free over-the-air TV is a major player in the media environment of the future. Launch date is 11/1/11.

The coalition includes Smith’s NAB, as well as other stakeholders in the television business.

In a statement, NAB explained, “The Future of TV Coalition comprises a group of organizations and companies committed to program diversity in digital broadcasting and the preservation of a competitive, consumer-focused media environment.

“Representing a broad array of constituencies that rely on broadcast television, the Coalition supports the evolution of broadcast television and its integration with other technologies and across many platforms.
“Members will work together to advance public policy initiatives that allow broadcasters to rigorously innovate and invest in technologies to better serve viewers.”

On hand for the birth of the organization will be:
* Gordon Smith, National Association of Broadcasters president and CEO.
* Andrew Young, former United Nations Ambassador, former Atlanta Mayor, and Bounce TV co-founder. Launched September 26, Bounce TV is the first 24/7 broadcast network created exclusively for African Americans.
* Carmen DeRienzo, founding president and CEO of Vme Media, Inc., producer and distributor of America’s fourth largest Spanish language broadcast network, Vme.
* Dave Lougee, Gannett Broadcasting president and executive committee member of the Open Mobile Video Coalition, an alliance formed to accelerate the rollout of live and local mobile DTV.
* Richard Schnieder, president Antennas Direct, which provides ultra high-performance digital and HDTV antenna systems at affordable prices.