Tunity Launches A B2B Analytics Division


The capturing of minute-by-minute out-of-home (OOH) audience data on the consumer usage of linear channels has just taken a step forward with the release of Tunity Analytics.

The product, from Tunity, is designed to give broadcast companies and advertisers the ability to see next day (and soon real-time) estimates for “all major competitive channels by venue.”

Until now, says Tunity, this level of viewer insight has never been made available to networks.

Tunity is know for technology that allows users to hear live audio from muted televisions directly on their mobile device. This is now commonly seen in gyms, and in other public places where TV screens are on display.

How does Tunity Analytics work? It analyzes OOH data pulled through Tunity’s consumer app, including the start and end time of a tuning session, age and gender data, and precise measures of location.

The tool can measure the shift in people’s attention, and can provide reports by age/gender and venue. It is designed to be an add-on to Nielsen’s In-Home Measurement.

This data is used to calculate “Tunity Shares”— a relative measure showing the amount of tuning during the average minute to a program, network, or daypart compared to the total OOH usage during the average minute from a benchmark month. This allows for direct comparisons across all events.

“We realized that these insights were valuable, so we created a model of the data which can be used in combination with traditional video metrics and fill in this missing piece,” said CEO Yaniv Davidson. “There is an increased importance in audience efficiencies, targeting, and segmentation for TV networks and advertisers. Tunity Analytics bridges this massive gap in the marketplace, delivering a new method of measurement and a new metric to truly reflect these audiences.”

Most measures in the OOH measurement space identify programming using audio methods – but muted viewing accounts for more than half of OOH usage to linear channels. Additionally, in a multi-channel environment audio is not distinguishable between the channel playing in the background and the one that is actually being viewed. “Tunity Analytics creates a true OOH measurement, which gives a clear distinction between those who view content in a bar, gym, or airport while not reporting those who are viewing TV as a guest within someone else’s home,” the company says.

Tunity Analytics provides this competitive knowledge and insights to both the buy and sell side of the advertising business.