Transactions: 8-25-09


$450K KCKK-AM Denver-Boulder CO (Littleton CO) from People’s Wireless Inc. (Timothy Brown) to 4-K’s LLP (Gregory K. Merilatt, Jeffrey K. Merilatt, James K. Merilatt)., $20K escrow, addionsal $50K escrow pending FCC approbal for 25 kw-N, $380K cash at closing. Station has been operated by Mile High Sports Radio, an affiliate of the buyer, in an LMA. [FCC file date 7/31/09]

$65K KQWO-AM Reno NV (Sun Valley NV) from Anabelle Savage, Chapter 7 Trustee for the Estate of Universal Broadcasting Inc. to Jireh Media Inc. (Nien Lun Chung, Ricardo Garcia). $10K deposit, $35K cash at closing, $20K note. LMA until closing. [FCC file date 7/30/09]