Transactions: 7-15-08


$1.4M KQBT-FM Albuquerque NM (Rio Rancho NM) from Univision Radio License Corporation (Joe Uva) to Team Broadcasting Inc. (Scott Grady, Joe O’Neill, Turner Branch, Margaret Branch, Jim Smart). $70K escrow, balance in cash at closing. [File date 5/23/08]

$1.25M WAAO-FM Andalusia AL from Companion Broadcasting Service LLC (Timothy Lee Williams) to Three Notch Communications (Blaine L. Wilson). $145K cash at closing, $5K consulting/non-compete agreement, remainder will be combination of debt assumption and promissory note. Williams will also remain as morning air personality and sales rep for at least a year at the pleasure of the buyer. [File date 5/23/08]

$5K AM CP Casa Grande AZ from Green Valley Broadcasters Inc. (Larry Nelson) to Everything Groundwave (Jennifer Beckman, Douglas Nelson). Cash. Duopoly with AM CP Stanfield AZ. Casa Grande CP is for Class B on 650 kHz with 250 w-U, DA2; Stanfield CP is for Class B on 1460 kHz with 2 kw-U, DA2. [File date 5/23/08]