Transactions: 6-10-11


$200K KLBO-AM Parker CO from Colorado Inc. (Edward F. Seeger) to Way Media Inc. (Robert D. Augsburg et al). $20K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Buyer is non-profit entity. Buyer seeks main studio waiver. [FCC file date 5/25/11]

N/A KIQN-FM & KWRF-AM Pueblo CO from Exods Broadcasting LLC (Martin Bechina, Nick Knezevich) to United States CP LLC (W. Philip Robinson). Assumption of uspecified remainder of loan owed to Metropolitan Radio Group Inc. Seller also has stake in profits of the station going forward. LMA 1/1/10. Duopoly with KRYE-FM Rye CO. [FCC file date 5/25/11]