Transactions: 11-15-11


13.5M KALE-AM/KEGX-FM/KIOK-FM. KTCR-AM, KKSR-FM & KUJ-FM Tri-Cities WA (Richland, Kennewick, Walla Walla, Burbank WA); and KJOX-AM/KRSE-FM/KXDD-FM/KHHK-FM & KARY-FM/KBBO-FM Yakima WA (Yakima, Selah WA) from Revitalization Partners LLC, General Receiver (Alan M. Davis) (for New Northwest Broadcasters) to Ingstad Radio Washington LLC (James D. Ingstad). Credit bid. Two existing superduopolies. [FCC file date 11/311]

$5K WGBW-AM Denmark WI. 50.1% of WTRW Inc. from Max Dolins (50% to 0 %) and Timothy J. Carvis (0.1% to 0%) to Mark Heller (49.9% to 100%). $5K to Dolins, $10 to Carvis. Station holds CP to mover from Two Rivers WI on 1590 kHz with 1 kW-D, 33 W-N, ND; to Denmark WI on 1590 kHz, 10 kW-D, 500 W-N, DA2; and has applied to change from Class D to Class B with the same frequency/power/antenna license as the Denmark CP. [FCC file date 11/2/11]